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Brain Disorder Deaths

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These are mental illnesses (psychiatric disorders) and physical diseases of the brain (neurological disorders). Included are (with proportion of deaths attributed directly to each category, but suicide is excluded here and counted in Self-inflicted injuries U157 Map 482 and so deaths are mainly attributed to the neurological diseases):

1. Depression [Unipolar depressive disorders], U082 Map 439, (1% of deaths).

2. Manic-depression [Bipolar disorder], U083 Map 440, (0.1% of deaths).

3. Schizophrenia (psychiatric illness often with delusions), U084 Map 441, (2% of deaths).

4. Fits [Epilepsy], U085 Map 442, (11% of deaths).

5. Alcohol use disorders (mental and behavioral disorders caused by alcohol excess), U086 Map 443, (8% of deaths).

6. Alzheimer's and other dementias (loss of memory and other mental powers), U087 Map 444, (36% of deaths).

7. Parkinson's disease (neurological illness with trembling and shuffling), U088 Map 445, (9% of deaths).

8. Multiple sclerosis (neurological illness affecting nerve fibres), U089 Map 446, (1% of deaths).

9. Drug use disorders (mental and behavioral disorders caused by usually illegal drugs), U090 Map 447, (8% of deaths).

10. Post-traumatic stress disorder (psychiatric illness following an awful experience), U091 Map 448, (0.01% of deaths).

11. Obsessive-compulsive disorder (psychiatric illness with repetitive thoughts or acts), U092 no map, (no of deaths).

12. Panic disorder (anxiety state), U093 no map, (no of deaths).

13. Sleeping disorder [Primary insomnia], U094 no map, (no deaths).

14. Headache [Migraine], U095 no map, (no deaths).

15. Mental Retardation due to lead exposure, U096 no map, (no deaths).

16. Other neuropsychiatric disorders not included above, U097 no map, (24% of deaths).

Neuropsychiatric conditions caused 1.9% of all deaths worldwide in 2002, an average of 178 deaths per million people per year. Because deaths due to Suicide U157 Map 482, are counted separately, the mortality counted here is mainly from neurological disorders. The ten highest, all in Western Europe, are all dominated by deaths from dementia.

International Classification of Diseases-10 codes: F01-F99, G06-G98,

Territories are sized in proportion to the absolute number of people who died from neuropsychiatric (brain) conditions in one year.

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