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332 Telephone Lines 2002


This map shows the distribution of telephone mainlines, or telephone connections in 2002. A telephone mainline is a single fixed telephone line going to a house irrespective of the number of telephones connected to that line. The importance of telephones is indicated by telephone mainlines and cellular subscribers combining to form an indicator for Millennium Development Goal 8. In 2002 there were over 1 billion mainline telephone connections.

Data sources

See technical notes to Worldmapper map 331, "Telephone Lines 1990".

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The quotation used to accompany this map was sourced from an article written by Michael Bond and Colette Braeckman, in 2001. It was originally published in the magazine the New Scientist on 7 th April 2001 , and was reprinted in an pamphlet about the Small Global project run by a group of artists named D-Fuse. This article was co-authored, so the quotation was attributed to the first author. The quotation was cut, a longer version reads: “Did you know that every time you change your mobile phone for the latest model you are helping to fuel war in Congo ?”

Excel sheets

Below is an explanation of each of the columns in the excel file:

Column A = Unique numerical territory (see 001).

Column B = Region and territory names (see 001).

Column C = Region code (see 001).

Column D = The ISO 3 code, or ISO ALPHA-3 (see 001).

Column E = Telephone mainlines in 2002, in millions. This is calculated by multiplying telephone mainlines in 2002 per 1000 people in 2002 (Column F) by the population in 2002 in millions (Column G) and dividing by 1000, to give the telephone mainlines in millions. (E = F * G * 0.001).

Column F = Telephone mainlines in 2002 per 1000 people in 2002. This is taken directly from the source data. Where data are missing, the regional average telephone mainlines per 1000 people is assumed.

Column G = Population in millions, for year 2002. For source data and derived estimates see 002, ‘Total Population’.

Column H = Telephone mainlines in 2002 per 1000 people in 2002. This is taken from the source data. Where data are missing ‘..’ is shown.