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024 Tourism expenditure


International tourism expenditure is spending by international outbound tourists, measured by the territory where they live and have traveled from. This spending includes payments to national carriers for international transport and any other prepayment made for goods or services received in the destination country. Spending may include receipts from same-day visitors, except in cases where these are so important as to justify a separate classification. The figures are measured in contemporary US$.

Data sources

These estimates were made using information from Table 6.14 of the World Bank World Development Indicators 2005, specifically the series on International tourism (ST.INT.RCPT.CD). See technical notes 019.

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The quote used on this poster is from an article entitled ‘ UK tourists are biggest spenders in UAE [ United Arab Emirates ], says Visa’, released on 27 th December, 2005 . The quote itself is from Kamran Siddiqi, General Manager Visa International Middle East. It was accessed in January 2006, from the website below:

Excel sheets

Below is an explanation of each of the columns in the excel file:

Column A = Unique numerical territory (see 001).

Column B = Region and territory names (see 001).

Column C = Region code (see 001).

Column D = The ISO 3 code, or ISO ALPHA-3 (see 001).

Column E = Estimated annual tourist expenditure in millions of US dollars. This is calculated by multiplying the annual tourist receipts per capita (F) by the territorial population in millions (G) (E = F x G).

Column F = Annual US dollars expenditure by tourists per person by territory of origin. This is calculated by dividing the US dollars receipts in millions (H) by population in millions (G) (F = H / G). Where data was missing the regional average was assumed.

Column G = Population in 2002, in millions. See the technical notes for ‘Total Population’ for the sources of this data (002).

Column H = Annual tourist expenditure, in millions of US dollars. When data is available for the period 1998-2003, the most recent is used. When this is not available, the highest value from recorded during the period 1995-1997. If there was no data for a territory between the dates 1995 and 2003 N/A is shown.