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Genitourinary Tract Diseases Deaths

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The genitourinary system comprises the sexual organs and the urinary organs. Genitourinary diseases here are ones not due to infection or cancer, affecting the kidneys and bladder. In men it also includes conditions of the prostate and penis, and in women conditions of the uterus if not due to pregnancy. Conditions due to pregnancy are counted in Maternal conditions Map 407. In men conditions of the testes, and in women conditions of the ovary are only included if not also in Endocrine disorders Map 437.

Genitourinary diseases are divided into (with their contribution to the total Genitourinary diseases deaths in 2002):

1. Kidney disease [Nephritis and nephrosis], Map 465, (80% of deaths).

2. Prostate [Benign prostatic hypertrophy], Map 466, (4% of deaths).

3. Other genitourinary system diseases, no map, (16% of deaths).

Genitourinary diseases caused 1.5% of all deaths worldwide in 2002, an average of 136 deaths per million people per year.

International Classification of Diseases-10 codes: N00-N64, N75-N98,

Territories are sized in proportion to the absolute number of people who died from genitourinary disease in one year.

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