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Deaths from Non-Communicable Illnesses

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Diseases that cannot be passed from person to person are called noncommunicable.

Included here, with the relative percentages of deaths in this group, Chronic diseases, are

A. Cancer [Malignant neoplasms] U060 Map 418, (21% of deaths).

B. Non-malignant tumours [Other neoplasms] U078 Map 435, (0.4% of deaths).

C. Diabetes mellitus U079 Map 436, (3% of deaths,).

D. Other hormone conditions [Endocrine disorders] U080 Map 437, (1% of deaths).

E. Brain diseases and mental illness [Neuropsychiatric conditions] excluding suicide U081 Map 438, (3% of deaths).

F. Vision and hearing disorders [Sense organ diseases] U098 Map 449, (0.01% of deaths).

G. Diseases of the heart and of arteries [Cardiovascular diseases] U104 Map 451, (50% of deaths).

H. Chronic bronchitis and asthma [Respiratory diseases] U111 Map 457, (11% of deaths).

I. Peptic ulcer etc [Digestive diseases], U115 Map 460, (6% of deaths).

J. Kidney diseas etc [Genitourinary diseases] U120 Map 464, (3% of deaths).

K. Skin diseases U124 Map 467, (0.2% of deaths).

L. Diseases of muscles, bones and joints [Musculoskeletal diseases] U125 Map 467, (0.3% of deaths).

M. Abnormalities that children are born with [Congenital anomalies] U131 Map 471, (1% of deaths).

N. Mouth and teeth problems [Dental conditions] U143 Map 472, (0.005% of deaths).

Note that all of the sections exclude any conditions due to infection, and conditions due to cancer are put in section A and excluded from all the other sections.

Noncommunicable diseases caused 59% of all deaths worldwide in 2002, an average of 5387 deaths per million people per year. 50% of those deaths were due to cardivascular disease U104, and 21 % due to cancer U078.

International Classification of Diseases-10 codes: C00-C97, D00-D48,D55-D64 (minus D 64.9) D65-D89, E03-E07, E10-E16,E20-E34, E65-E88, F01-F99, G06-G98, H00-H61, H68-H93, I00-I99, J30-J98, K00-K92, N00-N64, N75-N98, L00-L98, M00-M99, Q00-Q99,

Territories are sized in proportion to the absolute number of people who died from all chronic disease in one year.

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