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The Worldmapper project aims to communicate information that is collected about how we live together in the world, using maps. This map shows that by October 2006 the most hits on the Worldmapper website were in the United States, the United Kingdom, Germany, Canada, Australia and the Republic of Korea.

Viewing is affected by Internet access and language spoken (at the time of writing the website is only available in English). The map of Internet users in 1990 looked similar to this map - by 2002 the Internet users map had changed considerably. Perhaps a similar pattern will happen with Worldmapper visitors ...

" it is of the greatest importance that the peoples of the earth learn to understand each other as individuals across distances and frontiers." Bertil Lindblad, 1938

Territory size shows the proportion of hits on the Worldmapper website that are made in that territory.

population map Open Population Map for comparison

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