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Infants not at risk from TB

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This map shows infants protected from tuberculosis. In some territories there is little or no tuberculosis, so no vaccination is needed to prevent tuberculosis. In other territories vaccination is needed for protection from this air-bourne disease.

Over 50% of infants in all but two territories have some protection from tuberculosis. These two territories are Sudan and Niger. Of all infants in the world, 81% are protected from tuberculosis - almost 1 in every 5 is not.

The biggest populations of protected infants live in India and China. In 36 territories 99% of infants are protected from tuberculosis.

"I contracted tuberculosis at the age of 14 and was hospitalized for 20 months. Iím here to witness that tuberculosis is a curable and preventable disease." Desmond Tutu, 2006

Territory size shows the proportion of worldwide infants protected from tuberculosis, either by immunisation or by lack of contact.

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