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Women not in Tertiary Education

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Where most girls get a secondary education, more women than men subsequently enrol in tertiary education. Exceptions are Japan where 46% of tertiary students are female, and the Republic of Korea with 34%. Where fewer girls than boys get a secondary education, the ratio of females to males is usually worse at tertiary level. Where many do not even get a primary education, of those that make it to tertiary level even fewer are female. In Central Africa, Northern Africa, Southern Asia and Southeastern Africa, gender differences begin in primary school.

In 122 territories women’s enrolment in tertiary education is the same or greater than that of men, making the overall numbers of male and female students equal.

"Degrees for women were often seen as unnecessary, even dangerous, to the feminine virtue of obedience to their sexual ‘betters’." David Cohen, 2001

Territory size is proportional to the excess male over female enrolment in tertiary education there.

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