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"This is a map of the estimated number of households in the world. A household is a social grouping, often a family, that eats together or shares a living space. The number of households per territory varies as a result of the population size and the household size. The fewer households there are per 100 people, the bigger the size of the average household.

The largest households, on average with 7.7 people living in them, are in Iraq. The region with the largest household size is Central Africa, where an average of 5 people live together. The larger a household the cheaper it is to live per person because amenities are shared.

"Having fewer people in more households means using more resources and putting more stress on the environment. Freedom and privacy come at a huge environmental cost." Jianguo Lin, 2003

Territory size shows the proportion of all households in the world that are found there.

population map Open Population Map for comparison

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