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Living on $20 to $50

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The largest population living in households where people rely on US$20-50 a day, in purchasing power parity (PPP), is China (192 million people). The second largest population in this range, less than half the Chinese total, live in the United States (80 million). Russia has the third biggest population (41 million) living on this daily amount, which is half the number of its equivalent in the United States.

The highest regional percentages of the population living on PPP US$20-50 a day are found in Europe. However an even higher percentage of Eastern Europeans rely on PPP US$10-20 a day; whilst a higher percentage of Western Europeans earn PPP US$50-100 a day.

"English language speaking guides can earn about US$25 per day; French, German, Chinese and Thai language speakers, US$30 per day; Japanese speakers, US$35 and Italian language speakers upwards of US$40 per day." Myanmar Times, 2006

Territory size shows the proportion of all people living on PPP US$ 20-50 a day worldwide, that live there.

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