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Meat Production

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China, the United States and Brazil produce the most meat in the world. The smallest producer of these three territories, Brazil, produces double the meat of any other territory. Together these three territories produce half of all the meat that is produced in the world.The territories that produce the least meat are the Pacific islands of Niue, Nauru and Tuvalu; and the minute Holy See. Per person production of meat is lowest in Southern Asia and Central Africa.

Meat production is considerably lower than cereal production, in weight the worldwide annual production of meat is only a tenth of the weight of cereals produced.

“British beef producers would be extinct were it not for subsidies and European tariffs. Brazilian meat threatens them only because it is so cheap that it can outcompete theirs even after trade taxes have been paid.” George Monbiot, 2006

Territory size shows the proportion of worldwide meat production that occurs there.

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