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Fuel Use

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Each year the fuel equivalent of 11 567 000 000 000 kilograms of oil is used around the world. Fuel includes gas, coal, oil, nuclear, wood, and other materials. As one kilogram of these materials produces a different amount of energy, more useful comparisons can be drawn by comparing power. This is done by measuring power as what one kilogram of oil could produce, which is 4 kilowatt hours.

Worldwide fuel consumption averages 1853 kilograms of oil equivalent per person per year. The highest per person fuel users (in Luxembourg) use almost a hundred times more fuel per person than the lowest fuel users (in Bangladesh).

"Currently, vehicles account for about two-thirds of annual fuel use in the United States - twice the consumption rate in Europe." Terry Costlow, 2003

Territory size is proportional to the percentage of world fuel usage that occurs there.

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