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Oil Tankers

Map No. 39

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This map shows the distribution of the places of registration of oil tankers. The map is distinctive because some territories record extremely high oil tanker registration whilst surrounding territories have low or non-existent oil tanker registration.

In the Bahamas there are 93 deadweight tons of oil tanker registered for each person who lives there.

The territories with the largest weight of tankers registered have neither significant petroleum imports nor exports. This is demonstrated by the example of Luxembourg, a landlocked territory, which has the tenth largest weight of tankers registered per person living there.

"... it's got a Bahama flag, Liberia registry. The cargo is owned by a Swiss based company run out of Russia. The vessel, I believe, is owned by a Greek consortium or at least managed by a Greek consortium." Ray Suarez, 2002

Territory size shows the proportion of oil tankers in the world registered there.

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